Club Deals

Vector WM provides clients with the opportunity of investing in exclusive club deals.

Clients have the possibility of co-investing in club deals that may be structured as private equity operations with a single company or start-up as target, or may be real estate deals, focused mostly on luxury residential real estate.

The participation in a club deal allows for a greater diversification of investments in the medium-term, without a mandatory exit preventively defined. 

Co-investing provides an opportunity to participate in deals that because of their size and complexity would not be available or recommended for the single investor: by reuniting more investors, more capital can be raised and those deals become suitable for a wider array of individuals.

Formalizing through a special purpose entity or through an alternative investment fund provides governance transparency and reliable streams of information.

Updates on strategies and progress are provided directly by the management and support is guaranteed through qualified professionals.
Periodic reports are provided to the clients covering all details and relevant information of the deal through its life.

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