Real estate

Vector WM offers real estate advisory services and real estate club deals for clients, family and friends.

Vector WM offers complete support towards all real estate transactions and investments, be they residential or commercial properties, in terms of assets and portfolio optimization, in terms of financing and in terms of debt advisory.

Real estate advisory services help clients maximise the value of their real estate assets and to face important decisions with confidence.

Making use of an exclusive combination of accounting, financial and real estate experience, the professionals from Vector WM carry out a complete and accurate review of all relevant data and provide the necessary analysis both before and after the operation.

Vector WM develops the strategic planning and operational activity in close contact with our local partners

Institutional clients / Family offices

Vector WM provides a range of asset management advisory services to support the clients on asset allocation analysis, performance development, fees optimization and provides consolidated reports for clients who entertain relationships with more than one depositary bank.

Vector WM family office is conceived as global advisor for families. Its job is to coordinate and integrate all those activities that concern the financial management and governance of family wealth.

Our strengths reside in our independency and in the quality of our service aimed at the protection, enhancement and preservation of financial and cultural wealth of the families we serve. Through our work we strive to guarantee a secure and appropriate living standard to future generations.
Vector WM provides qualified answers to family requirements, through specialized planning and advisory ranging on different levels of intervention.

Among these are the management of investments, administrative services, assets protection, wealth development, wealth control, planning and coordination of social aspects, consolidations.

Estate and generational planning

Together with legal and fiscal advisors, Vector WM supports clients in selecting the most appropriate solutions for strategic estate planning.

The fundamental objective is to support clients in the preservation of their wealth, avoiding possible risks and at the same time aiming at benefitting from fiscal optimization.

In this regard Vector WM identifies the most efficient instruments for wealth protection, which are appropriate to shelter wealth from possible threats, with the ultimate aim of delivering it to the future generation in a safe and transparent manner.

Naturally every case requires an individual valuation, different for each and every situation, which is the reason why Vector WM provides tailor-made services.

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